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Product development

For us at Tolerate, product development is the key process that strengthens the relationships with our customers and end-users. By taking an idea and develop into a new or improved product, we create opportunities and solutions for our customers.
Over the years, we have helped companies with their challenges and requests. Everything from customers who wants to create their own designed mobile cases, to bakeries who needs to protect their mobile devices from flour. Service technicians are grateful for our water resistant tablet case with splash proof keyboard. We have developed universal mobile phone holders for the civil protection force, as well as protection solutions to minimize the spread of bacterias on tablets in healthcare. Help us expand ourselves and we will thank you by helping you to develop. That’s what we call a win-win situation.
By being proactive and curious, we are eager to explore new methods and techniques for producing our products. This is possible through a wide network of certified partners and factories around the world. In 2019, we were the first company in Sweden with a 100% biodegradable mobile phone case. In 2022, we launched Tolerate GRS, which involves a circular responsibility for the return and production of new products.
What is the next step?
If you are an end-user, you should go through your reseller of mobile phones and IT products, who will contact us.
If you are an end-user without a reseller, or wants to contact us for another reason, it’s possible as well.
Please visit the ‘employees’ page on or website.
Are you a reseller who wants to know more? Contact someone in our sales team today!


Not only do we design, develop and manufacture great products, we can also help to applicate them for you.
At our kitting department we applicate screen protectors and cases so the resellers who don’t have the opportunity can offer it to their customers.
Are you a reseller with your own kitting department, but sometimes needs to reduce the burden – Call us, we’ll help you!
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