Why Tolerate?


With over 70 years of combined industry experience, Tolerate can offer an international sales force with the knowledge to achieve successful results in B2B, retail, online and B2C channels.


With our customer and partner-adapted product and distribution model and a fast-moving organization, Tolerate manages the entire process without losing control.


Our goal is to create long-term and profitable partnerships. With a carefully selected range of products, professional staff and a world-class distribution and logistics, we help your company expand.

Market Knowledge

We keep ourselves at the forefront of knowledge about the various markets. With a proactive, close and in-depth local collaboration, Tolerate provides products and solutions that are at the forefront. Customer-specific requests are handled to create unique solutions that provide added value.



We always strive to reduce our environmental impact. We are constantly reducing the use of non-organic materials in our products and packaging. A big step in the right direction is Tolerate GRS. Mobile cases that are 100% recyclable and made from recycled plastic.


The products are created with the same youthful glow and enthusiasm that, at the start, seasoned with the experience that has been added.

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