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Protection and functionality in one

Tolerate Armor Folio is the ultimate shock-resistant case with built-in screen protector* that provides your tablet with extra protection against scratches, moisture, and spills. This case is designed to protect your device in hazardous environments, without compromising on either function or design. Tolerate Armor Folio has undergone drop tests from a height of 1.5 meters. *refers to certain models

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Smart Stand

With the help of the case’s foldable front, you can easily create a stable stand. This allows you to place your tablet in two different angles which is perfect when you’re going to type, watch movies, read, or browse.


Automatic Screen Activation

The case has a practical feature that automatically wakes the screen of your tablet when it is opened, and puts it into sleep mode when it is closed. This saves battery and at the same time provides a smooth user experience.


Pen Slot*

The case has an integrated pen slot made of elastic material. Here you can securely store your pen and always have it close at hand. *refers to certain products


Reduce Waste with Every Purchase

By choosing Tolerate, you say goodbye to traditional blister packaging and instead welcome our smart bulk packaging. You become an active part of reducing waste and take a step towards a more sustainable future. Tolerate delivers products in bulk packaging made of PLA, the more environmentally friendly plastic alternative.


Protect smart, together we can make a difference!


Instructions for Recycling:

The product is sorted as: Residual waste (not recyclable)

The packaging is sorted as: Plastic packaging*


*Tolerate uses PLA plastic in its packaging. Although PLA is compostable and can be recycled, it requires a sophisticated industrial composting facility. Composting facilities today cannot separate bioplastic from other plastics.

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