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Tolerate TPU Case is a thin and soft phone case made of Ermoplastic Polyurethane. The case has a perfect fit that protects against both wear and scratches.


The case is 100% recyclable

Raised edge around the camera lens

1.2-1.4 mm thin

Compatible with Tolerate screen protector.

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Recycling instruction:


The product can be recycled via Tolerate’s circular handling* or sorted as residual waste (Non-recyclable).

The packaging is recycled as plastic waste**


*By offering take back of the mobile cases that Tolerate has put on the market, it is possible to reuse the material to produce new products. Through cooperation with leading retailers and lifecycle management companies, Tolerate can easily and effectively ensure the take back of used mobile cases. In this way, Tolerate can offer a closed circular economy.


**Tolerate uses PLA plastic in its packaging. Although PLA is compostable and recyclable, it requires a sophisticated industrial composting facility. Composting facilities today cannot separate bioplastics from other plastics.

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